Zombies and Couch Cuddling

This weekend was pretty great.  Paige had two guys from her hometown come to visit and the 4 of us spent a lot of time together.  They were funny and really laid back, and immediately I felt at ease with them–which is rare for me  (especially seeing as one of the guys was all over me the whole time).

Friday we tried to check out Looptopia.  There’s a section of downtown called “The Loop” (because train lines loop around) and Friday night they had this all night live music and entertainment night from dusk ’til dawn.  We showed up around 11p to find out that they were out of wrist bands.  Normally I wouldn’t care about a little plastic wrist band, but to get into anything after midnight you needed one of them.  Suffice it to say that we didn’t see much.

Instead we all went back to my place for pizza, zombie movies, and couch cuddling.  And who doesn’t love that??

Their group of friends back home have this running joke that they all have super powers of the Mystery Men variety.  I wanted a superpower and am now Gamer Girl.  I fight villianswith video game controllers, throw Rock Band drumsticks, and have catchphrases like “Game over!”  Of course, I adore the idea.
And I’m tired of depressing news and dead babies; have some weird news for a change.

Illinois man orders custom beer-can coffin

Man Attempts To Cash $360 Billion Check

Runaway flying concert pig found in pieces (I can’t help but love this headline, which is much more entertaining than the actual article.)

3 thoughts on “Zombies and Couch Cuddling

  1. This "Gamer Girl" episode of EVERYBODY LOVES TERI (working title) will be great. A nice season break like the musical episode of Scrubs.
    (Other current titles in the arena are "One Teri Hill", "Tim n' Teri", and "Dissin' Teri".)
    …others to come. 🙂

    • How about: "Teri's Creek", "All My Teris", "Teri the Vampire Slayer", or even just "Teri" (in the vein of Friends, Seinfeld, and Frasier).
      Yay fun!

  2. I vote for "Petticoat Teri" or "Teri Junction." Perhaps "Teri Town?" Nah, too cutesy. "Welcome Back Teri?"
    Simpsons Quote!
    "Oh no! I got that at Roger Waters' garage sale!" Peter Frampton to Homer Simpson as his giant, inflatable pig floats away (Homerpalooza)

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