Zero to R.E.M.

I bought a Speed Sleep cd, which boasts the ability to help you skip the pansier stages of sleep and get right to the rapid eye movement good stuff.  It implements some hypnosis tactics to aid in relaxation.  I tried it for the first time last night.

The information accompanying the cd warns that it may take a few listens before being fully affective, so I wasn’t too disheartened when it didn’t work last night.  I take some responsibility in this as I couldn’t completely get into it.  While the man talked I kept thinking back to the movie Stir of Echoes where the main character is hypnotized and, as a result, becomes an open channel for the ghost living in his house.

But it did work in relaxing me.  His voice was very pleasant and the ambient music was soothing.  I was so relaxed that it took real effort to move my head or open my eyes and I felt myself drifting at one point which made Stir of Echoes pop back into my head and ruin everything.

The voice takes you down this escalator while counting backwards then describes you walking across a field toward mountains.  At the base of the mountain is a well-lit cave which you enter and follow.  You go through a refreshing waterfall and find yourself in your very own Secret Garden.  At the center of the garden is a Treasure Chest for which you hold a key.  Inside the chest is a treasure that will guide you through the trouble and stress you are facing in life.  Voice kept talking about the treasure in this box and how wonderful it was and would make all your worries disappear.  Then you unlock the chest to take the treasure.  You’re never told what it is; your mind is to supply that detail on its own.

I unlock my Treasure Chest to see something bright green.  At the voice’s instruction I lift the object out of the chest and look closely at it.  What could it be?  The one thing to take away my stress–the answer to my problems?  A plastic Frisbee.  I have no idea what sort of problems and trouble my brain feels I’m struggling with, but it’s nice to know that an afternoon in the park playing Frisbee will do the trick.

5 thoughts on “Zero to R.E.M.

    • I'd like to think that this perhaps means I am innocent and young at heart. But I guess it could also mean that I'm just crazy. Eh.

  1. Yeah, the thing w/ hypnotism is that, in order for something like that to happen, someone is goint to have to be there and implant a suggestion. Don't be close to an answering machine….hate for you to call the phone company every time you wake up. 😉 I'm actually really really in hypnotism….it's utterally fascinating to me….can't get enough of it! I want someone to do a past life regression on me…I think it would be AWESOME.

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