Zero School Spirit

What is with all these spam comments?  I know I’m new to having my own website and all, so perhaps someone else can clue me in.  One of my older posts has been receiving spam comments all day along the lines of:
“Hi there I remember when your accident was announced to a stunned group of marshals and so I was interested to find your website today ellijay ga lodging pets I will visit your website again. miniature schnauzer hair cut, Best Wishes!!”
Say what?
I kept flagging the comments as spam and deleting them, but after the fifth or sixth one I just up and deleted the entire post.  Problem solved!
In less spammy news, my high school class is having a reunion this year.  We couldn’t get things together last year [which would have been ten years] so we’re having an eleven-year reunion.
Proposed Schedule:
Friday – High school football game followed by drinks and socializing
Saturday – formal reunion with significant others
Sunday – family potluck in the park
Now, I’m not sure exactly how these things are supposed to go down–having never been to one myself–but doesn’t this seem like a bit much?  Three days with these people?  No thanks.
I’m not trying to be mean, but there’s not much I’d rather do less than go to my high school reunion.  It would have beaten rolling around naked on broken glass, but then they announced this three-day reunion extravaganza.  I figure I can roll around on the glass, go to the hospital, and begin the healing process before this reunion business would be over with.

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  1. Additionally, if you went to the hospital you would receive pain medication. It's less likely that you'd get narcotics at the reunion, where, it could be argued, you'd need them more.

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