You tell one joke…

So one night Tim and I started a joke circling around the fact that I’m attracted to older men and he’s attracted to younger men. We give each other crap about it all the time. Tim always jokes, “Hey, if I bring a guy home and you bring a guy home, there would be three generations in our apartment!” More recently, he made a comment that he could start dating a guy and I could date the guy’s dad. I replied, “I smell a sitcom!”

Paige has a class where one of her projects is to do a 30-second intro to a made-up television show. She decided to do our show–the premise being that Paige, Tim, and I are all roommates and she sets us up on blind dates with two guys she knows through work. We each bring the guys home and they see each other and it’s kinda this “Son?” “Dad?” moment.

And now Tim and I have to do a photo shoot with two guys for her project—a photo album montage thing. We’re asking Marty to be my guy–seeing as he’s the oldest guy we know. And we can make him look a little older with some glasses and a bit of graying. We don’t know who will be Tim’s guy. We need to find someone who can pass for A.) Marty’s son, and B.) 15. (Right there’s an example of that crap-giving I mentioned.)

In completely unrealistic news, I had another weird dream last night. I guess this won’t seem too weird to everyone, but to those of you who knew me in high school, I had a dream that I made out with Adam Arp. And it was pretty freakin’ nice. I have no idea where it came from. Adam and I stayed in contact after I left for college, but I haven’t talked to or thought about him in 7 years. Very odd. It made me a little nostalgic and I went and found a picture. This was taken the summer after I graduated high school when a bunch of my friends and I spent the day at an amusement park. Adam is, well the only guy in the picture, since Tim is the one taking it.
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3 thoughts on “You tell one joke…

  1. hmmm…i'm interested in your sitcom, but you've described to me a premise (three roommates all looking for guys) and a situation for the pilot (bring home the dad and son).
    But what's your goals for the rest of the season? how does this develop? does this become another friends rip-off?

    • After the initial awkwardness of the situation, we really don't have anything. So it's pretty fortunate her project is only for that intro.
      But if it had to continue, it would probably be something in the vein of a, as you put it, "Friends ripoff."

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