You Can Take a Joke, Right?

Teri: “So if you were going to kill off an entire people group in a Hitler-esque global genocide, who would it be?”

Paige: “Hmm.  I’ll have to think about that.  Same question to you while I’m thinking.”

Teri: “Japan.  They’re too smart.”

Paige: “You know, India and Korea are passing them now.”

Teri: “Then I change my answer to India.  They’re too smart.”

Paige: “That’s a lot of people, Teri.  You’re very ambitious.”

Teri: “Well, that’s the problem–there are too many of them.  If they keep breeding, pretty soon the whole world will smell like curry.  And they have gods and goddesses with all those arms.  I just don’t get it.”

Paige: “I think I’d do Korea.  They’re all like, ‘Oh, we have nukes!’  I’d say, ‘Well, here’s our nuke!’ and wipe ’em out with it.”

Teri: “Nice.”

What do you think?