Writing Prompt: Sad Boy

I didn’t have a lot of time this week for fiction writing (outside of the fantasy novel I am working on and will share a chapter here at a later date).  Here is a writing prompt I did a while ago and am (apologies, apologies) reusing.

Prompt – “He’s the cutest little boy.  Makes it that much sadder, doesn’t it?”

“He’s the cutest little boy.  Makes it that much sadder, doesn’t it?” Edna asked.  She sat underneath the electric hair dryer, clear plastic bag wrapped around her hair, holding myriad curlers in place.

“What?!” Agatha replied.  Naturally hard of hearing, the hair dryers’ loud volume did nothing to aid in conversation.  She too sat under a dryer, hair in curlers and wrapped in plastic, perusing the lastest Good Housekeeping magazine.

“The Morgan boy!” Edna shouted.  “Shame about what happened!”

Agatha nodded, absent-mindedly, and flipped a page.

“I knew that family was trouble right from the start,” Edna continued.  “They moved into that huge farmhouse with nothing but the three of them.  Hardly any belongings.  Trouble.  I knew it!  But the boy… Oh, he was a darling, wasn’t he?”

Agatha turned a magazine page.

“He would come up my drive every Wednesday, delivering those newspapers.  I always offered him some lemonade. ‘No ma’am’, he’d reply, polite as can be.”

“What?!” Agatha asked.

“He was so polite!” Edna replied.  “Honestly, dear, why have that hearing aid if you aren’t ever going to use it?”

Agatha turned another page. “I didn’t know there were so many things you could do with rutabagas!”

“Very sad.”

Did that writing prompt inspire you?  Have I got it completely wrong?  Feel free to write your own little story from the prompt.  If you send it to me, I will feature it in next week’s Fiction Friday.

What do you think?