Winged Devil

It is not a good idea to live with someone who is as afraid of bugs as you are.  But it is hilarious.

I was at my computer, and my roommate Tim was lying on my bed reading when our cat suddenly grew intent on a portion of my wall.  There was a very large moth (at least I think it was a moth, Tim insists that it was a minion of the devil) fluttering around the lights.  I grabbed a flyswatter but the bug was way out of my reach, even when standing on my bed.  We got a spray bottle of water to try and knock the wee beast down a little to where I could smack it, but of course, this did not work.  (Important Note:  Spray bottles do not shoot directly up.)

I tried lying to the thing.  Coaxing it down with “we won’t hurt you”s and “we just want to play a game”s.  It was a highly intelligent creature and mocked me from it’s place in the rafters, a mere two or three feet out of my reach.

At one point Tim commented, “I need a man around to take care of these things.”  I agreed.

After what had to have been a full thirty minutes we were able to compensate for our lack of bug-killing men with an ingenious plan of attack involving a flashlight, one of my dress shoes, and a mop.  I was able to reach the ceiling to smack the moth with the mop, sending it into a brief whirlwind frenzy before finally resting on the floor long enough for Tim to beat it into submission (read, pieces) with the flyswatter.

When the battle was finally over, Tim tossed the flyswatter aside and said, “Well, I’m gonna go have a cigarette.”

The remaining insectile pieces were promptly flushed to avoid any demon-moth revenge from The Beyond.

6 thoughts on “Winged Devil

  1. This post does nothing to create empathy of the complete and total paralyzing fear of staring down the barrel of the gun and facing the chief minion of Satan himself.

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