Why Journals are Great

So I have been doing my three good things everyday (something that I recommend everyone start doing). I feel that it has helped my outlook.  I still fight against being a more negative person, but focusing on three good things everyday has had an immediate impact: I notice good things more often.  Something will happen and I will think, “I can write this down!” whereas at the beginning I had to sit and think through my day, trying to find something good.

Anyway, I decided to buy a journal to house these daily good things (as well as quotes I find while reading things for my happiness project — current book “The Mind Connection” by Joyce Meyer).  I searched around the Barnes & Noble website, looking for the perfect one (this is a very important step) and decided on a Jane Austen one.  It has quotes from her novels interspersed throughout.  I love Jane Austen, so this seemed right up my alley.

The quote on the opening page is: “Let other pens dwell on guilt and misery.”

Figuring this journal may be some sort of happiness destiny, I then flipped to the last page to see the last quote: “I wish as well as anybody else to be perfectly happy; but, like everybody else it must be in my own way.”

This journal is perfect.

One thought on “Why Journals are Great

  1. I completely forgot about my journal!! I had been doing the three good things a day as well, and then we moved and my life turned upside down. Thanks for the heads up… I’m going to get it back and out (if I can find it) and give it a go again!

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