What? You don’t think hurricanes are funny?

So The Facebook Weight Loss Challenge is officially over now.  I lost a grand total of 15 pounds.  Only half of what my ambitious goal was, but not too shabby.  Stephanie won, so yay for her!  The three of us decided to continue with the group, just minus the losing money part.  So I will still participate in Wednesday Weigh-Ins and we will encourage each other.  It will be nice.  Did I mention I won’t be losing any more money?

I preordered Dead Island for Xbox 360 and am very excited to get it.  It should arrive on Tuesday, unless Amazon lied to me.  It could happen.  I was supposed to get my new PC headset/microphone today for my Google+ book club hangout session, but alas, Amazon lies.

In more political news, this kind of thing pisses me off.  Yes, God is angry at politicians for their outrageous government spending.  That is why a hurricane and an earthquake struck the east coast.  All those millions of people without power or who had damage done to their homes–it is cause Congress went over budget.  Screw you, lady.  I was hoping the Republican party could find a smarter woman than Sarah Palin to vie for the Presidency, but clearly they cannot.

And then she passed it off as a joke.  Everything she said had been in jest.  Like hell it was.  At least take responsibility for yourself.  You say something dumbassed, you apologize for it.  I would even have more respect for her if she stood up and said, “Yeah, regarding those hurricane comments I made — my bad.”

But no.  It was only a joke you see.  Hey, hey… what do you get when you cross overspending and Congress?  Give up?  A hurricane!!  […crickets chirping…]  What?  Can’t you people take a joke?

Guess not.

What do you think?