Wasting Time

The last hour of work before officially starting your mini-vacation takes forever.  Come on, seven o’clock!  Teri can only play Solitare so long.

In an effort to waste time, here is a random list of traveling-related things that could potentially go wrong today:
– Oversleep
– Massive train delays and/or spontaneous fires
– Forget boarding pass
– Forget identification
– Flight is delayed and/or flight just plain ol’ missed entirely
– Plane crash
– Rental car reservation lost
– Driving accident resulting in maiming and/or death
– Get lost and drive straight through Ohio to Kentucky

That’s all I can think up at this time.  And unfortunately that only wasted five minutes.  Damn it.

And now it’s time for a little optimisim—-Amber, nothing will go wrong and I’ll see your lovely self on Sunday.  I think some Chinese food is in order.  Perhaps a trip to a book store?  I’ll call you Saturday.

Yay!  I’m outta here!

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