Wasted Food and Birthdays

This morning I noticed that the freezer was at 40 degrees.  Not a degree any working freezer should ever be at.  I love my refrigerator, but it is one of those where the freezer is on the bottom and has a pullout drawer.  This drawer does not always get closed all the way, and then things get warm down there.

I became angry, because I have a little alarm for when the refrigerator doors are not closed all the way, but the not for the freezer.  “Why isn’t there an alarm for the freezer?!” I demanded angrily, jerking the refrigerator doors open to double-check the buttons inside.  Well, it would appear that there is a “temp alarm” button for the freezer.  So, game set match to you, refrigerator.  I will be using that button once my freezer returns to acceptable temperature levels.  And after I throw all of that food out. Fortunately the majority of the things I keep in there are bottles of vodka and Girl Scout cookies, so those should be fine. (The Girl Scout cookies WILL be fine, right?!?!?)  But I had a box of pierogis in there that I have been saving for a special occasion (read, whenever I felt like eating them and remembered that I had them).  Such a tragic, tragic waste.

On an unrelated note, tomorrow is my birthday!  I will be celebrating by not going to work.  Steve is planning to take me clothes shopping, which if you know me at all you would know that I am not excited about this.  I cannot deny, however, that I need the clothes.  I always need clothes because I hate clothes shopping and hardly ever do it.  Unless they are geeky t-shirts.  I could buy those things all day long.  Oh, or pajama pants.  Why can’t I have a job where I can wear t-shirts and pajama pants every day?  (Please do not judge me.)

Lastly, on the elevator news screen at work I saw the headline, “Colorado man dies from plague.” I did not know that we still had the general “plague” thing for people to die from anymore.  Haven’t we figured that shit out yet?  It isn’t the 1300’s anymore.  We can send people to space, you’d think we could at least figure out what “plague” is and name it appropriately.

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