I do not like walnuts.  But I wanted some healthy snacks to eat in the afternoon at work–right around that 2pm mark when I get incredibly sleepy.  I thought to myself, “Hey, nuts are good.  And, more importantly, are supposed to be good for you!”  So I did some research on the healthiest nuts and discovered that walnuts top the list.  I’ve never liked walnuts, but right then and there I resolved to snack on them.  Cashews were #3 on the healthy nut list (almonds are #2 in case you were wondering), so I bought some of those as well and made a cashew/walnut mix on which to munch.  The cashews (which I do like) have helped, but I still have to fight the urge to grimace whenever I put a walnut in my mouth.  Oh well.  I’m making myself do it anyway.  At least until I get through this bag I bought.
I found this article which, quite honestly, excited me.  Apparently some kid was snapping lots of random pictures during a wedding that was being held in an old Scottish castle and managed to take a picture of what could quite possibly be a ghost.  It looks like a ghost to me anyway.  It made me think of the old ghost story days of the hotel.  But yeah–check it out for yourself.
Lastly, I already besieged a bunch of friends via email about this, but I wanted to throw something up on my blog as well.  My dad was laid off of his job.  Please, please pray for my parents.  He’s looking at in-state jobs as well as out-of-state ones (though they aren’t too eager to move again).  Please pray that something comes along quickly.  I would really appreciate it, and I know they would too.

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