Voice: Lost

Tonight was so busy at work, and I checked in so many people, that I actually lost my voice.  Remind me if ever I talk of becoming a teacher or great orator that this sort of thing will happen to me daily.

British Airways cancelled a bunch of their flights and sent all the stranded passengers to us.  A line of people weaved itself throughout the lobby and it took me, my manager, and the General Manager four hours to get through everyone.  That’s just crazy.  [Note to Liz: You are so gonna pay.  In fact, I’m going over to Facebook right now to do something violent like bite you or throw a sheep.  I’ll throw a whole herd of sheep.  Yeah.]

I love Facebook.

I was hoping for a quiet night to get some writing done and pacify Tim temporarily.  [Note to Tim: I swear I was gonna write!  Don’t look at me like that–I’ll throw sheep at you.  Don’t think I won’t.]  Alas, I have about an hour.  We’ll see what happens.

5 thoughts on “Voice: Lost

  1. My voice gets a little raspy when I spend the day telling students the same thing over and over again. When I become a teacher, I figure my voice will toughen up … or I'll develop either a complex mime teaching techniqe or one that makes the students talk most of the time.

    • not at all. i can't throw sheep on livejournal. 🙂
      i don't really use facebook as a tool for blogging, so it's all good.

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