Viva Italia!

If you missed the Italy v. Germany game, I’m sorry.  It was a really good game.  The whole thing was 0-0 and in the second/final overtime Italy scored twice within the last two minutes.  It was very tense.  And YAY ITALY!

I ended up getting only about an hour and a half of sleep in order to join Tim, Josh, and Cynthia at Bennigan’s where we had lunch and watched the game.  (They all rooted for Germany.)  But I napped from 8pm to midnight and now I’m back on track.  Mostly.

I stood in front of the hotel last night and watched the fireworks.  Chicago has a pretty nice display.  I was going to go to Navy Pier to watch more fireworks tonight but clearly that wasn’t going to happen.

I was off on Sunday night and went out with my friend Laura.  And anytime you go out with Laura it means a lot of alcohol.  I had a really good time though.  We discovered two new bars which were pretty good.  The second place had a DJ who was pretty fun.  He even played Michael Jackson’s “Beat It.”  Kick ass.  Amber, I finally tried those Buttery Nipple shots.  My God, they’re good.  I also had my first white russian.  Tasty.

2 thoughts on “Viva Italia!

  1. I prefer the black russians, because they don’t have milk, but a good white russian is damn good. Although my idiot bartender made mine with citrus vodka of some sort on Friday… it kind of ruined any chance that I’ll be able to stomach another one anytime soon.

    Aren’t the Butter Nipples yummy? Very smooth, and fun to say.

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