Video Sharing Time

First off, I need to share this song.  I can’t stop listening to it.  And I really enjoy watching the video.  These guys make some fun robots.  I think their other stuff is meh, but this song is delightful.  Watch it.  Watch it now. (If the video below doesn’t load, just refresh once or twice…it should appear.)

In other news, the craftiness continues.  I decided that knitting and loom knitting weren’t enough and also bought some crochet needles.  I’ve watched a couple instructional videos on Youtube and have been practicing.  I keep making little mistakes, so I haven’t gotten a complete hot pad yet, but did make some face masks, fake mustaches  and eye visors for my Wednesday gaming group. (At least, that was how they played with the scraps.)  Who knew crocheting could entertain so many people?

Here’s an excerpt from an email to my friend, Stephanie, on the subject:

Today I bought a set of crochet hooks, an instructional book, and 5 skeins of yarn.  Because I am not just learning to crochet, oh no Stephanie, I am going to crochet an AFGHAN… I can see it now–I’m going to be one of those crazy old ladies with lots of cats and a knitted or crocheted item for every occasion.  I will be chatting with a neighbor on the porch, find out they need something and dash into my house to get them a knitted or crocheted equivalent.
Them: “My dog died.”
Me: “Oh I just crocheted a bunch of tombstones… let me grab one for you!”

Crocheted tombstones… it’ll be a thing.

On an unrelated note, I am really annoyed by the most recent Lonely Island song.  Not because it’s annoying, but because they totally stole my jokes.  The way most people used the term “YOLO” never made sense to me.  “Since you only live once,” I mused, “You should take care of yourself.”  So my YOLOs would be things like:
–Gotta schedule a dentist appointment…yolo!
–I’m saving for retirement…yolo!
–Eating some vegetables…yolo!

Back to the annoying part.  So Lonely Island totally made a song along the exact same lines.  It’s good stuff (even if they stole my lines).

Since this post seems to have a theme of YouTube videos, let’s continue the trend.  Some other things I’ve recently stumbled across which I recommend are:
1. Bad Lip Reading: watch this or this
2. Honest Trailers: try this or this
3. Pornstep (I don’t enjoy the music as much as I do the fact that this even exists.  Also, I’m not putting any links here.  Those few brave souls curious enough can find it themselves.)

Well that should keep you busy for a little while.  I’m going to go listen to that first song again.

What do you think?