Updates Be Here

So I’ve been reading over the last few blog posts I have made and am realizing there are a lot of loose ends.  I have built up a tremendous amount of suspense on a lot of subjects without letting my readers off of that ledge.  Well you can come down now.  The updates be here.
1.) From July – I am not sick anymore.  Just thought you all should know.  I did not perish.
2.) From June – I have started playing Skyrim, along with a few of the other games purchased from the recent Steam Sale.  God mode is everything I had hoped it would be.
3.) From January – I DID INDEED CROCHET AN AFGHAN! I am quite proud of it, because it is quite possibly the largest thing I have ever started on and finished.  I suck at finishing things.  This is why I tend to make small things like placemats and scarves–you get a nice payoff after minimal time and effort.  More things in life should be like this.

4.) Also from January – I have started writing again.  I kind of dropped the romance I was working on.  I wasn’t writing that for me.  I started writing romance, in the first place, because I felt like I could do it better than a lot of other published romance authors were doing it.  Totally conceited and totally the wrong reason to write, which is why I was never motivated to do so.
Instead, I have started a fantasy novel.  It is something I love, something I am excited about, and something that is outlined for a series of at least five or six books.  I am only about 6,000 or so words in, but am very happy with it.
5.) From December – That Zombie aerobics last precisely two weeks.  At which point my joints said, “Hey, remember all that high-impact exercising you’ve been doing lately?  Welcome to Hell!”  I was in a lot of pain and had trouble walking before giving up.  I guess the zombies are just going to catch my “How about Speedwalking; isn’t that low-impact?” ass.
Unless they are Max Brooks’ zombies, in which case, they probably wouldn’t catch me if I were speedwalking.  His zombies are the best zombies, so they should be of that sort.
6.) From November – And this is probably the biggest update, we bought the house.  Back in April.  I am suddenly realizing that I super suck at updating.
So… yeah.  That’s everything that has happened.  I think.  Probably not.
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