My honor has been challenged.

Marty said that Paige and I can’t sit in one of the “haunted” rooms, in total darkness, for one hour.  So that’s what we’re doing Tuesday night.  Rules: 1.) we’re allowed a radio (walkie-talkie, not FM) but no flashlight, 2. It has to be from 2AM to 3AM, and 3. The second Marty or a security guard comes up there to try to scare us, all bets are off.  Speaking of, Paige and I each get ten bucks if we’ll do it.  That’s how sure Marty is that we won’t.  I scoff at him and his “haunted” room.

It’s called the Florentine room and it’s used for meetings and small weddings.  It’s reputed to be the most haunted room in the entirety of the hotel.  The room is always freaking cold, but that’s the extent of anything I’ve experienced there.  My manager, Sam (who is also skeptical on whether I’ll pull this off) says there used to be a security guard who would go anywhere at any time–except for this room.  According to legend, the guard was in the room and felt something brush his left arm.  He turned, then felt the same thing brush his right arm.  He started to leave the room when it pushed him from behind.

This is the Florentine room, but it’s all empty at the moment.

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So there’s my Tuesday night.  🙂  I’m already making plans for that ten dollars.

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  1. Earn that money!
    MTV used to have the best TV show ever. It think it was just called "Fear." Anyway, a group of people were sent to a haunted place and then had to perform certain tasks. They had to do these tasks with a huge camera rig strapped on so you're lucky in that way. Anyway, sometimes they just had to go to a room and sit there in the dark but other times they had to do stuff. I remember one challenge was at an abandoned prison and this kid had to pull a sheet off of the old electric chair but when he started pulling, the chair started moving with the sheet like it was coming toward him so the kid screamed an ran away. The funny thing was that Tim and I would get totally freaked out just watching this show.

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