Top 6 Grammar Pet Peeves

Writing my post on Monday got me thinking of my writing pet peeves.  For this Saturday Six, I will explain my top six:

  1. Irony, of course.  See Monday’s article.
  2. Saying literally when you don’t mean literally.  It makes me want to literally punch you in the face. (Here is a grammar comic on the topic from The Oatmeal if you didn’t see it on Wednesday.  Too funny.)
  3. Made up slang words getting in the dictionary with the other real words: TBH, BRB, conversate, ginormous, and sexting – I’m looking right at you.
  4. Misplaced quotation marks.  I “hate” when these get “misused”.  So “don’t” do it.  I even have a link in my Blogroll to a site dedicated to misplaced quotation marks.  I look at it when I feel like getting annoyed.
  5. Mixing up your and you’re.  Also there, their, and they’re.
  6. When people write “could of” or “should of” instead of “could have” or “should have”.  Just so we are clear, the words would, could, should, must, might, and may are never combined with of.


What is your biggest grammar pet peeve?

2 thoughts on “Top 6 Grammar Pet Peeves

  1. “The Oatmeal” has the BEST comics that explain these things hilariously. I love “The Oatmeal.” I’ll keep thinking throughout the day, but you pretty much highlighted my main pet peeves as well.

    It’s actually quite sad, because there are FAR TOO MANY people that make these rudimentary mistakes. It seems like a definite failure of our education system to me. But maybe it’s more than that. Not everyone is PERFECT at grammar, but these are simple things we learned in grade school, and there’s really no excuse for adults to make these errors, in my opinion.

  2. Just thought of another… when people use the word “irregardless.” THIS IS NOT A WORD, PEOPLE.

    Someone at work just said it; I was insta-angry.

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