Today’s Word: LAZY

I must start off with an important Public Service Announcement.  Tonight I discovered Peapod.  You can buy groceries online!  And have them delivered to you!  Good Lord, I’m excited.  I don’t think you people realize how truly glorious this really is.  I can buy fresh fruits and vegetables.  I can buy those bulk packs of toilet paper or paper towels without thinking of the logistics of carrying them home.  Lovely.

Moving on, today was an expedition into the land of Slack.  I stayed in my pajamas all day, watching Paige play video games (in her pajamas) with Tim providing comedic relief (in his pajamas).  It was just one giant lazy day had by all.  Tim wants to make a spinoff of my “I have a black belt in crazy” t-shirt that says, “I have a black belt in lazy.”  I’d wear it.  I wonder if Paige is still over.  She’s spent the past 2 nights at our place, and Tim was working on making it 3 when I left for work.

Tim: “I’m hungry.  Let’s get with this food ordering business.”
Me: “Who’s paying?  I have no cash.”
Tim: “I have some cash if someone wants to put it on their card.”
Me: “I suppose I can go to an ATM.”
Paige: “Look, if it’s a problem we’ll just put it on my card.  Order the food already.”
Tim: [whispers loudly] “It’s not a problem, but don’t tell her.” [loudly] “Oh dear!  Who will pay for the food?!”
Me: “It’s such a problem! Oh, what a world!  What a world!”

Paige and Tim then took it upon themselves to set a new desktop background image on my computer.  She googled “farts” and for some odd reason this picture showed up in the results.  Of course, they set it as my background.

[UPDATE: Paige stayed the night.]

6 thoughts on “Today’s Word: LAZY

  1. I just want you to know how much I love reading your blog. You make me smile (I don't laugh a lot out loud, so smiles are very good).
    I'm coming to Chi-town in 12 days. Maybe I'll see you then??

  2. Who is that? Am I a total rube for not knowing?
    I haven't used Peapod b/c you have to spend (I think) $100 for free delivery and I never plan food stuff that far ahead.

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