Time for Some Changes

For a long time I haven’t felt quite like myself.  I would think back or be reminded of events in my past, college memories or a photo from high school, and would remember it as if it had actually happened to someone else and implanted in my head afterward.  Or perhaps all those memories were not real but had merely existed within a dream.

Last week something finally woke up.

There is a part of me who was tired of being drowned out by the much larger, more bullheaded, part of me that was too afraid to listen.  She said, “Fine, have things your way,” and curled up and went to sleep.

She is suddenly awake now, and she is not pleased.  “Eight years?!  What have you been doing all this time?”

Not much of anything, I admit.

She is back in the driver’s seat now, refreshed and determined, unwilling to meekly accept mediocrity when true happiness can be striven for.

Change is a-comin’.

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