Tight with God

Years ago I decided to trust God more.  Trust is a hard thing for me–not something I give out lightly.  Within days of making this decision to trust Him, I lost my job.  I didn’t panic because I had God and some money from a tax refund to hold me over while I looked for a new job.  The day afterI lost my job my car broke down and took every dollar of that tax refund.  I really leaned on my faith until, one month later, I had my old job back and felt very much like I had passed a test.

Three years ago I was deliberating over whether or not to move from South Carolina to Chicago.  I was reluctant to leave SC because I had a good job.  I started praying for God to open/close doors.  I was then laid off.

Last summer I was dating a guy and began to feel convicted that he wasn’t a Christian.  So I simply started praying for God to work in his life.  That same week we stopped seeing each other.

Why am I talking about this?  Once again I am faced with an option to stay or leave Chicago.  I have a good job here that I am not anxious to leave, so I started praying.  I don’t know if you’ve heard in the news lately about ARPS or failed auctions, but (on top of our economic recession) it’s not the best time to be in finance.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I’ll try to simplify it.

There is a certain fund for high-end investors.  In this fund, you can only sell shares when people are willing to buy shares ( an auction).  Usually there is a company (underwriters) to oversee this auction that will also pick up extra shares if there aren’t enough buyers to cover the sellers.  They are under no obligation to do this, but always have to keep the fund operating smoothly.  Because of things like the slump in the housing market, these underwriters are no longer willing to pick up the slack.  If an auction is off by even 1 share, the entire thing will fail–meaning no one can sell their shares.  Well, this happened.  Money managers (like where I work) and broker-dealers are reeling because this has never happened before.  I don’t know exactly how events are going to play out, but the phrase “belt tightening” has been used more than once.

I am not saying that this is a direct result of my prayer.  It’s all a trickle-down from our flailing economy and people learning the hard way that sub-primes mortgages are a SCAM–and I sincerely doubt I have enough pull to cause something like that.  (At least I hope not, or I’m gonna owe a lot of people so pretty intense apologies.)  I just find the coincidence of it all to be… well, intriguing.  The auction fail happened February 18th, the day after I started praying about whether or not to leave Chicago.

I think there is a lesson in all of this, and it is: Teri shouldn’t pray anymore.

3 thoughts on “Tight with God

  1. You didn't happen to throw in a request for me to contract a nasty rash did you? … eek…
    I find this to be an interesting issue as well. There is this "New Age" (ah that term…) trend concerning one's ability to "affect the universe" with good vibes and intention (basically, prayer). I find this to be very interesting because I certainly subscribe to the philosophy that what you put out, comes back. Thus positive intentions and actions generally bring back positive results, and vice versa.
    However, there is also something I put great stock in that may or may not fit with this general theory. It's the idea of synchronicity. All things are in perfect balance and harmony with each other. Therefore, "coincidences" happen based on the universe's continual synchronicity. (i.e. I get an opportunity to transfer my job to socal right at the time when I'm making the difficult decision of whether to come OR LOSING a job at a time when you are thinking of relocating).
    So yes, everything is in sync (no, everything does not sing Bye, Bye, Bye…) and functioning on a level of constant "conincidences". But what happens when you choose to or try to "affect" this synchronicity. Do you change it with your prayer or your positive intention? Or is the result going to be the same either way because everything is functioning in a very set pattern of synchronized balance and rhythm?
    Take the concept of deity out of the equation and put prayer on the same level as willful, positive intention upon the universe ("the secret" as it were). Does this willful expression of intention upon the Universe CAUSE a change? Is there really causality in a system where "everything happens for a reason" or "everything is in sync"?

  2. i thought the prayers of the righteous could launch a thousand angels? if so, causing the economic meltdown of a once great country shouldn't be too far off.
    As usual, while there may be a hint of truth to what I say, I'm mostly just sarcastic.

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