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CHICAGO, IL — Area woman known as Teri turned in her two weeks’ notice today after two arduous years of employment.   The reason for this sudden action?  She’s been offered a new job, during “normal working-people hours.”

“I just couldn’t work third shift anymore,” Teri explained.  “Just between you and me, only crazy people work third shift.”

Her new job in the wonderful world of finance begins September 10th, provided she is able to pass both criminal background and credit checks.  This paper has it on reliable intel that these checks should indeed go through without a hitch.

“The background check just looks for convictions, so everything will be A-OK,” Teri joked.  (We think.)

No word as of yet on the hotel’s response to this employment upheaval, but we will keep you posted on all breaking developments.  A counteroffer is expected and will be promptly turned down.  For now, Teri is going to celebrate, crazy monkey-style.

“What is that exactly?  Do I have to fling poo or something?  Maybe I’ll just go out with some friends for pizza.”

11 thoughts on “This just in…

  1. Congrats! So, does that mean that you will magically change from a crazy person to a non-crazy person? Is there some sort of transition period at which point you will only be considered partially crazy?

    Inquiring minds want to know.


    So what’s the job, besides being in the world of finance?

    • Yes, there is a brief transitional period wherein I’ll be in sanity limbo for exactly 1 hour and 41 minutes.

      It’s doing data entry type stuff during the day. It’s a quiet job, with no customer service. Did I mention it’s during the day? ‘Cause it is!

  2. YYYYAAAAYYYY!!!!!!!

    Congratulations, Teri! That’s so great, I’m happy for you! YAAYYY!

    *does a little crazy person dance*

    *then looks for a night job*

    So uh…. when do we go out? 😉

  3. so if only crazy people work night jobs, does that mean I have to find a night job? or is it not a given that you have to work at night if you’re crazy?

    I’m so confused…

    • Not all crazy people work nights, but all people who works nights are crazy. It’s like one of those stupid problems from math class: All As are Bs but all Bs are not As.

      • ah! Math!

        ~jumps out the window~

        oops, next time I’ll open the window before jumping.

        Oh, and congrats by the way. When do we get the gorey details about the new job?

  4. Whooo! Congrats. I will miss all the crazy hotel stories. I hope you keep contacts there (like those security guards who are in love with you) so you can still give me a haunted tour when I visit.

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