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So last night I was supposed to try and influence my dreams by thinking of hedgehogs, airplanes, and midgets before I fell asleep.  I don’t really know how influential I was, however, as I don’t remember anything I may or may not have dreamt.  Which is really too bad, because I was thinking specifically of a midget trying to board an airplane with a hedgehog as his carry-on.  It would have been a kick-ass dream.  Oh well.  I tried.

Today I am supposed to be on the lookout for the paranormal.  I am currently sitting in the waiting room at my dermatologist’s office which, I am sad to report, is not paranormal in the slightest.  Well, there is a possibly attractive man also in the room [and I say “possibly” because his profile is nice, but I’ve yet to see his whole face] who has been waiting longer than I.  And no one else in the room seems to be interacting with him.  Perhaps he does not actually have an appointment, but rather is indeed a ghost.  He perished waiting to see the doctor and is now doomed to wait forever as an incorporeal dermatological patient from the beyond.  That would really suck.

Maybe I am the only one who can see this possibly attractive specter.  If so, I should stop trying to see his face.  He’ll catch me looking, realize that I can see him, and try to get me to do weird errands for him so that he can “findpeace” or whatever.  No, thank you!  I’m busy enough trying to find peace for myself, buddy.  There is simply no time for extra peace-finding.

Oh, they just called his name.  Guess he’s not a ghost afterall.  As it turns out, he is not all that attractive either.  Man, I am 0 for 2 today.

7 thoughts on “This Blog Will Change Your Life

      • No, paper journal is far superior in my opinion. Would you have been able to form words like that with the distracting clacking of keys? I'm huge on paper journaling.

        • This might sound weird, but my favorite medium for writing is a typewriter. Terribly impractical, I know, but I love them regardless. Second would be hand-writing. I feel more creative hand-writing something than typing it on a computer. Computers are so impersonal.
          Maybe I should say "screw it!" and get a typewriter anyway.

  1. "So last night I was supposed to try and influence my dreams by thinking of hedgehogs, airplanes, and midgets before I fell asleep."
    I'm just curious, but…who gave you this assignment?? Such specific things..haha. I've tried to influence my dreams before, but just by thinking I was somewhere else. It does occasionally work, but then you wake up right where you fell, it's not all that great.

    • I'm doing the daily assignments from the book, "This Book Will Change Your Life." Well, I should say that I'm doing some of the assignments. Yesterday's was to write to the dictator of a country and ask him to stop torturing his people and I didn't do that one.
      I'm just kinda picking and choosing. So my life won't change completely—but perhaps only slightly.

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