There is a Spider on the Wall

But we don’t know where and soon I have to go to bed in a room where I know full well a spider is co-existing and it’s almost too much to handle. I hate spiders. We’re not talking qualmish, we’re not talking, “Oh I’m a girl and the spidery guy is icky!” I HATE THEM.

I want this stupid spider to come out of hiding and show himself. “Be a man, you stupid little spider. Come out and and let me see you so I can yell for Meg to squish you like the pest you are!” Take that! He didn’t listen to me. Or perhaps he is an ingenious spider and is snickering that I just gave my plan away. He’s thinking, “Stupid lady, I’ll never come out. Til you’re asleep. Then I’ll crawl all over your face and hid in your nose.” “Well, evil bane spider, I shall wear noseplugs. Who is the stupid one now, eh?”

Maybe I’ll go sleep on the couch…

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