The One With the Vet

So we took Ashland to the vet today; she received a clean bill of health save for some very disgusting ear mites.  Our vet was probably the most fun I’ve ever been to.  He pulled us into the other room and let us look in the microscope to see the mites.  Really disgusting.  And hers were really bad apparently.  They did some major cleaning and bug-killing so hopefully all is well now.  Buddy goes in on Thursday to recheck for Feline Leukemia.  He tested positive a year ago and they want to recheck it.  Apparently it’s something some cats can grow out of–I didn’t know that.

Ashland and Buddy have yet to meet.  We’ve been keeping her locked up in my bedroom, which now smells like citrusy, yet woodchippy, tinted poop.  The second she can be let out of my room I’m vacuuming and setting off something in the way of an air freshener bomb.

We don’t know what’s going to happen if Buddy comes back positive again for leukemia.  We have several options: 1.) get Ashland annually vaccinated against leukemia, 2.) give Ashland up, or 3.) just don’t do anything.  We don’t really want to give her up and we’re hesitant about all the vaccines.  New studies are showing a direct link with overvaccination and tumors in cats.  My cat, Whiskers, died from tumors caused by this.  Guess we’ll decide this on Thursday.

Here’s something I don’t understand — the title “Feline Leukemia.”  The name is misleading.  Leukemia (in cats) is incredibly contagious to other cats.  This makes me wonder why leukemia in people is not.  How can they both be called leukemia?  Is there something about human leukemia that “they” aren’t telling us?

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