The One With the Drunken Mob

So the Chicago celebrations for St. Patrick’s Day have officially begun. What does this mean for Teri exactly? Lots of annoying drunk people. I can’t wait for next weekend, which will be equal or greater to tonight as far as drunken bodies and broken glass, elevators, and/or room doors go.

Today (which reached 60 degrees and was lovely) was the St. Patrick’s Day Parade where they actually turn the Chicago River green. Issues of sanitation flood into my mind, but that’s for another time. I just looked it up online and apparently they use 40 pounds of green vegetable dye that turns the river bright green for several hours. And it started back in 1962. (Aren’t you glad I told you that?)

I know you were all eagerly awaiting an update regarding my sheet problem. I have purchased new ones. Everything is fine now and my leg is no longer confused. I have also purchased several small bottles of hand sanitizer, so now when homeless guys come up to the front desk and shake my hand I can make myself feel a little better. When they stick their hand out at me I grimace inwardly because I really don’t want to shake it. I don’t know them and they smell. But at the same time, I don’t want to demean their humanity by not shaking their hand. I usually just shake their hand and, once they have exited the building, head promptly for the bathroom, keeping said hand at a safe distance from any and all objects.

And, isn’t this just the cutest picture ever?

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6 thoughts on “The One With the Drunken Mob

  1. I *wondered* why the area outside my apartment had suddenly turned into a gigantic sea of drunk college kids. I was like, "But St Patrick's Day isn't until *next* week!" I even Googled to make sure that I wasn't stupid and had just missed St Patrick's Day, but I totally forgot all about the parade. Manuel and I went out to dinner and the streets were just overflowing the crazy drunk people. I felt like I was back at Penn State for a minute.

  2. That IS the cutest picture ever. If you want hand sanitizer, Access Group keeps giving us a bunch … on caribeaners no less. But, they're large bottles so I don't see how we're supposed to carry it around on our key chain.
    I never use the stuff. It's another reminder that I don't fear death.
    I know what you mean about the homeless. I always want to leave when they start talking to me but my polite nature makes me hear them out.

  3. am I the only one that can't make out what this picture is supposed to be? It really really looks like one of those ink blots that a psychologist would hold up in front of you.

    • lol, it's a black cat. Toward the top is his two back feet and tail. his head is bottom right. The picture quality isn't the greatest, cause i took it with my cell phone.

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