The One With the Backbone

There’s this bellman who’s been a constant nuisance for quite a while.  Security has caught him fooling around with a girl, and driving valet cars around, and other various “fooling around instead of working” things.  When I work with him, I get yelled at by guests who are waiting and waiting for items the bellman is supposed to be delivering.  Tonight I had enough.  I called the General Manager to inform him of the situation and then I called Security to get the bellman out of the hotel.  As he was leaving, he came to the front all angry and asking why I was sending him home.  I held nothing back as I explained to him why I couldn’t work with him.  As Security escorted him out I felt really proud of myself.  I just wanted to share that.

On a backbone-related note, last night this guy (Dan) calls down from a room looking for a pizza place.  It’s really late at night and there’s nothing open, which I tell him.  He starts flirting with me on the phone telling me what a gorgeous voice I have, etc, etc.  I humor him but inform him that I should get back to work.  He keeps talking, he wants to take me out to breakfast.  I tell him I have a long-term boyfriend.  This doesn’t stop Dan.  He says, “I can tell you don’t love him.  I’m just asking for a chance.  If I come to the front desk, will you just give me a chance?”  Well, we end up talking for an hour and a half.  (Granted, he started this conversation a little drunk, but is sober by this point.)  He keeps saying I sound so gorgeous and I have a beautiful personality and he just wants to get to know me.

I’m not sure how we got on the subject, but he was talking about how he was just in his boxers, but he’ll throw some pants on and run down to the front desk if I’ll give him a chance.  I end up making a deal with him that if he comes down to the front desk in his boxers, and does 25 pushups in front of me, I’ll go out to breakfast with him.  He hangs up and I’m like, “He isn’t coming down.  If he does come down, he’ll take one look at me and go right back upstairs.”  (Yeah, yeah, whatever, I hear you.)

A couple minutes later I hear him calling my name from the lobby.  He’s standing at the front desk in his boxers and an open dress shirt.  He has this goofy grin on his face and he says, “Security is watching me.”  (They’re also laughing I might add.  He looked ridiculous.)  We chat a little bit at the front desk and he asks if I’d really go to breakfast with him.  I say, “Well, I guess I have to now, you came all the way down here.  But you still have to do those push-ups.  I’m counting.”  It’s about five in the morning by this point and he looks exhausted.  He asks instead of him waiting for me to get off at 7, will I give him a kiss instead.  I agree.  He hits the floor and does the push ups and then I leave the front desk area (and the many hotel cameras) to kiss him.  He catches me off-guard because our ideas of a “kiss” were drastically different.  But it was still nice.  It makes for a good story at any rate.

He manages a gym in Scottsdale, Arizona.  So Warren, if you meet any good looking gym managers in Scottsdale–named Dan–be sure to let me know!  😉

5 thoughts on “The One With the Backbone

  1. that’s my roommate, ladies and gentlemen. giving it up for pushups.

    and just for the record if mr. or mrs. roberts read this: this is NOT behavior that i have taught her or condone. she is becoming increasingly more difficult to keep a watchful eye over — i know i promised mr. roberts i’d take care of her while she was here. so please forgive me for failing that task.

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