The One with No Sudoku

So I can’t do Sudoku anymore. I’ve lost whatever part of my brain it is that renders me able to use logic to number a bunch of boxes. I’ll just be sitting here, filling in boxes like it’s my job, and when I get close to the end, I’ll realize I made some ridiculously dumb mistake a freaking-long time ago. Like putting a six in a row where there is clearly already a six. Sigh.

I’m about 3/4ths the way through The Tipping Point. I am recommending this book to Warren. It’s making me think about some things differently and I’m enjoying it.  And also, I just found this picture of the author, Malcolm Gladwell.  It was… stunning.

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I’ve also acquired a new addiction: the PC game Civilization IV. I’d never played any of the Civilization games before and thought this one looked intriguing. And now I’m addicted. As I sit here, posting from work, I desperately want to get my cities to make more warriors. I need to take over the world. I only have three of the world wonders and that is unacceptable!

I was hoping this would be a funny post, ’cause it’s been quite a while since I had one of those. Sucks to be you people. But a guest did just call and ask me to send security to the room next door where “the lady is screeching like a chicken.” Don’t ask.

3 thoughts on “The One with No Sudoku

  1. I love Civilization! Mosr of my sleepless nights in college involved massive multiplayer scenarios in which each of us tried to take over the world. Of course, there was also Unreal Tournament…
    I haven't played Civilization since I got my old Xcom UFO game working again.

  2. I played the original Civ for hours on end. Micki and I used to get together and do the same thing. Loved it.
    We have Civ 4 too, and while I enjoy it, I don't like it as much as the first one. Glad you're having fun!

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