The New Commenteri

For those of you that have been readers, you are probably starting to notice some major changes.  For those of you who are new, welcome!  You’ve missed nothing, I assure you.


This blog is something I have had for a number of years but, up until recently (this very post, in fact) it was pretty directionless.  No longer.  This blog is to become my personal menagerie of all things writing and will follow this basic format, starting this Monday:


Monday Motley – articles I’ve written, tips and tricks, book reviews, interviews with other writers, and/or anything else that strikes my fancy will end up here.

World Wide Web Wednesday – A collection of things from other sites that are noteworthy.  News items, other blogs, other website articles, etc.

Fiction Friday – Mostly writing prompts, but occasional short stories, sample chapters, or guest fiction.

Saturday Six – List of six things from whatever writing-related category I feel like making a list about.


If you have an idea for a post or something that I should check out, please send it my way.  You can comment below or fill out the form on the “Contact” page.


2 thoughts on “The New Commenteri

  1. Ah Teri, this reminds me of the newsletters you put out when we were kids! Well….except this seems a little more grown-up. 😉 I wish I could share in writing with you! (Do you remember my dismal attempts!??) I shall truly enjoy following this though! 🙂

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