The Joys of Cooking

So today my roommate, Tim, and I decided to color Easter eggs. Sounds like a fun and easy way to spend an evening, right? Enter Teri.

Teri: Come on Tim! Let’s get some eggs!

Tim/Teri: We forgot to get vinegar. Oh well, plain water it is.

Tim goes into the living room to look at his new magazine while I set to boiling the eggs.
Teri: Can I use an egg with a dent in it?
Tim: Is it cracked? You can’t used cracked eggs.
Teri: [studies egg] It’s dented.
Tim: [looks at egg] Yeah, don’t use that, Teri.

Teri: Should I start the timer now?
Tim: Is the water boiling?
Teri: [studies the one or two bubbles appearing in the pot] …I think so…
Tim: No.

Teri: I think it’s boiling now.
Tim: [checks] That’s not boiling, Teri. There’re only a couple bubbles.
Teri: [mutters] It looks like it’s boiling.
[Note: Tim takes over.]

The first batch of eggs, minus one very naughty reject, are boiled and placed in cool water. We study the (definitely boiling) water a moment.

Teri: Do we just put the eggs in or dump out the hot water and start all over?
Tim: I don’t know.

So we start putting the eggs into the hot water. Apparently, this is a bad idea. Three or four eggs start splitting open in the water. We make a frantic effort to salvage the remaining eggs and succeed in doing so.

Teri: Okay, so starting over it is!

Everything went well from there and we colored the eggs and there were no other mishaps. The end. And we definitely did NOT retrieve two of the split eggs from the trash to make egg sandwiches on toasted bagels.

4 thoughts on “The Joys of Cooking

  1. yeah — this does not even really begin to crack the surface on what an experience it was to hard-boil eggs with you… lol.
    but the egg sandwiches that we did NOT take eggs out of the trashcan to make turned out really well, once again cooked by me, and not you. πŸ™‚

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