The Great Water Mystery of 2011

I watched The King’s Speech tonight; a really great movie.  Also, the timing was pretty befitting as I had just learned in this week’s Glee episode that Wallis Simpson was an hermaphroditic Nazi-sympathizer.  And who says that television can’t teach you anything?

I have continued with the exercise regime and the squats have gotten easier.  It’s very encouraging to see myself progress.  Another benefit is that my legs feel stronger.  I notice it most when walking–I feel like I am carrying myself instead of just being moved in a direction.  I am enjoying it.  I have also learned the importance of the cool down.

One day after doing the exercise video I kinda half-assed the cool down.  I was tired and overly hot and dying of thirst and damnit I just want to turn this thing off.  Don’t ever do this.  The next day every muscle in my body hurt.  I don’t know how the cool down accomplishes this, but I have decided that it must be magic.  Always do the cool down.  If you do not, the evil muscle fairies will sneak into your home and make you sorry.

In wetter news, I think our ghostly friend may have returned.  He was quiet for awhile, foiled by my constantly keeping the door to the second bedroom closed, but has now developed new and odder plans.  A small puddle of water keeps appearing on our bathroom floor.  And not under the toilet or near the sink where you would expect a small puddle of water to collect.  In the middle of the bathroom floor, near nothing.

Our first thought was that one of the cats had decided to take the liberty of relieving itself there.  But it’s definitely water–I’ve sniffed it.  Also the cats seem as intrigued by its presence as Mr. W and I are.  It is also completely random.  I think it has appeared maybe three times in the past two months.  No explanation.  No discernible cause.

I am choosing to believe that the ghost has managed to sneak out of the guest bedroom for brief spats of time and has decided to take a shower with this stolen freedom.  The ghost does not like towels, perhaps they attributed to the cause of death in some way, and chooses instead to drip dry onto the floor before returning to the spare room.  I assume that since it is ethereal, it would collect less water than a living person, and that is why the puddle is smaller.

Or perhaps someone can come up with a better solution.  Note that better does not necessarily entail more realistic.

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