The Good, the Bad, and the UTI

The Good:
**28 Weeks Later was good.  Really good.  I told everyone to buy their tickets online ahead of time and I wanted to get to the theater early.  Tim scoffed at this, saying, “It won’t be bad.”  So we didn’t leave early.  And we ended up sitting in the front row.  I told him that never again can he make fun of my need-to-be-early compulsions.  So, while I don’t recommend sitting in the front row to watch the thing, I do recommend the movie itself.

**Tim’s graduation, though ungodly long, was good.  I also got to see a couple other people that I had forgotten were graduating.  I was glad I could go.  It hasn’t sunk in with him yet that he’s done with school.  I told him that it’ll feel a little weird now, but will truly mess with his mind come September.

The Bad:
**I got a letter from Columbia which is not the acceptance letter I had anticipated.  It states that I have been placed on a waiting list and if available spots open up I will be notified.  As late as the end of summer.  So I guess this September, not to mention the next two years of my life, are a little up in the air.

The UTI:
**I have one.  I started feeling weird on Thursday and went to the doctor’s Friday morning after work.  All weekend I’ve been taking antibiotic and vacillating through varying degrees of uncomfortable misery.  I tell you what, I’ve had cramps so painful all I could do was lie in bed and cry.  I’ve had stitches and staples inserted into both of my eyeballs.  I would gladly endure that sort of pain again over this incessant need to pee.  It’s maddening.  I took all my medicine as prescribed and still want to hit my head repeatedly into a wall, so back to the doctor I go.  I hate doctors.

6 thoughts on “The Good, the Bad, and the UTI

  1. Ah, this explains it. Drink some cranberry juice and Sprite. Feel better! I've heard wildly differing opinions about 28 Weeks Later. You and the Onion A.V. Club like it. Roeper – not so much.

    • I am, thank you. And today is the best I've felt since Thursday, so I must be doing something right.
      I actually like cranberry juice. Good thing, that.

  2. hey Teri-
    Sorry to hear about your UTI. Aren't they DREADFUL!? I hate them with a passion. I used to get them often, but now I drink a lot of water all of the time, and that pretty much keeps me safe from them. I can sympathize tho, I've been up all night with the constant urge to pee. Hope it's getting better!

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