The Cranberries = Best Band of All Time

I’ll go through periods where I don’t reallylisten to The Cranberries all that much, but then I’ll suddenly immerse myself in them once again and think, “Man, they really do kick everyone else’s ass.” For the past couple days I’ve been listening to their first CD, “Everyone Else is Doing It So Why Can’t We?”. This whole album is good. Buy it. You won’t be sorry.

I wish they’d come out with some new stuff. Dolores went and did her own thing for an album, and, while I bought and listen to it out of loyalty, it’s not the same.



Random Cranberries trivia:

**Band is from Limerick, Ireland, and released their first CD in 1993.
**Members: Dolores O’Riordon, Noel and Mike Hogan (brothers), Fergal Lawler
**Dolores sang Ava Maria with Luciano Pavorati.
**Though people believe that, “The Cranberries haven’t really done anything since that Zombie song”, they’ve had a total of 5 albums [6 if you count their greatest hits, which does have a couple of new songs on it, 7 if you count Dolores’ solo album]. Zombie was on CD#2, so you’ve got 3.2 – 4.2 cds of new music to catch up on.
**”Okay boys, show me your stuff” – that was how Dolores O’Riordan introduced herself to The Cranberries in 1989. At the time, Noel and Mike Hogan (guitar and bass) and Fergal Lawler (drums) had been looking around for a lead singer for their band but the small and frail girl standing in front of them just didn’t look the part. Noel played her a few chords he had been messing with and Dolores went home that night and wrote a set of lyrics for them. She came back the next day with a song called “Linger.” When she sang it for the band the first time, they weren’t listening to the words. They were just wondering how something so small could sing so strongly.  They gave her the job.

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