The Bossman

My past experience in customer service has introduced me to a variety of people–from pleasant to drunken fool to downright ignoramus.  But Mr. W’s former employer takes the cake when it comes to bottom of the barrel humanity.  I never mentioned him when Mr. W worked for him, but now that he doesn’t [thankyou!thankyou!thankyou!] it is open season.

I had the fine pleasure of sharing a 45-minute car ride with the man once.  He talked the entire time and it pretty much went like this:

Bossman: “My opinions are superior to your own.  I hate black people.  Black people are stupid.  I am so smart and so proud of how smart I am.  Let me tell you about the time a black person… [cut short for brevity].  Look at that Shaniqua [all black women are referred to as Shaniqua] over there!  Her boobs are huge.  I like to sit and watch black people because they are so stupid and this is funny to me.  Let me ask you a question I don’t really care about the answer to–it’s just my lead-in to share my own fantastic opinion.  Black people, black people, black people.”

Oh, except replace “black people” with the n-word.  And then repeat that little dialogue over and over for 45 minutes.  [I know that I can exaggerate from time to time, but I assure you that if I am doing anything here, it is understating.]  He is, hands down, the smallest-minded bigot I have ever met.  In addition to bigotry, he has terrible management skills.

Mr. W: “We need to do something for this client or something bad could happen.”
Bossman: “I will handle that because I am smarter than you and more capable.  I hate black people.”
[Days pass.  The “something” doesn’t get done and things break and now the client is angry.] Bossman: “Mr. W, how could you let this happen?  You are so incompetent!”
Mr. W: “You said you were going to handle it.”
Bossman: [sticks fingers in his ears] “Lalalala-I can’t hear you-lalalala!  I hate black people!”

Joke’s on Bossman, however, because now that Mr. W has left Bossman will have to do actual work.  It’s been a while, and I’m not sure he remembers how to do this.  Work for him has basically consisted on the following:

1. Give employees crap
2. Hire new employees as others leave
3. Repeat

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