The Amazing Dialing Butt

I get email updates from Max Barry’s (funny author) website. He is currently going around the U.S. promoting his latest book and he is keeping a travel diary on his site. He said something so funny, I just had to share it.

Max Says:
“After [a meeting] it’s bookstore drop-ins. The most remarkable thing about this is an advertisement I see on the back of a bus, which says, “Avoid Accidental 911 Calls: Lock Your Keypad!” It has a picture of a man with a cellphone in the back pocket of his pants, accidentally dialing 911 with his buttocks. Let me say that again. He is dialing 911 with his butt. I wish my ass was that agile. Right now, while I’m writing this blog, it could be making me a cup of coffee.”

What do you think?