Thank you, 2012

We have received the clear to close from the bank and are doing so this Thursday, the 24th, at 3pm.  I hope it doesn’t take too long, because I also have an 8pm flight to Phoenix that day.  Going to be a busy, but awesome, day.

Also, I just thought of another thing I am looking forward to in having my own house.  Cupboard doors that stay closed.

It was actually worse than this when we first moved in.  Mr. W went to a hardware store and purchased magnetic closures which he installed on five of the doors.  These are just the ones that have broken while we have lived here.

Don’t know if you can tell in the picture, but the cupboard on the top right is pulling away from the ceiling.  I’m worried it will come down entirely, so I have removed all breakable items from this cupboard.  It is half-full of plastic lids and bowls.

In other fan-freaking-tastic news, Mr. W’s ex-Bossman has decided to up and move to New Mexico.  And he’s giving all his clients to Mr. W.  This is huge for us.  We were making do when Mr. W had 20 clients and now he will have 60-70… are you kidding me?!  So amazing.  I am very excited for him because he has really needed a win lately.

This is a lot of good news to receive in one week’s time, and probably all I will have for the rest of the year in order to compensate.  I am totally all right with that.  2012 has already proven itself to be a wonderful year.  There isn’t anything more I could ask for at this point, other than not to lose it all now that we have it.

What do you think?