Teri’s Soundtrack

So, randomly, I decided to make a soundtrack of my life. Not knowing exactly what is supposed to go on such a soundtrack, I thought back to some of the most important people in my life and the songs that make me think of them. I also included songs that capture certain time periods in my life.

1. “Running on Empty” – Jackson Browne (Dad)
2. “Take Me Home, Country Roads” – John Denver (Mom)
3. “The Way You Make Me Feel” – Michael Jackson (Cousins/Childhood)
4. “Every Little Step” – Bobby Brown (Childhood)
5. “Linger” – The Cranberries (Adolescence)
6. “Pain” – Jimmy Eat World (Brother)
7. “Happy” – Sister Hazel (Jaime)
8. “Naked Eye” – Luscious Jackson (Amber)
9. “Chem6A” – Switchfoot (Ryan)
10. “Time of Your Life” – Green Day (High School)
11. “Brown-Eyed Girl” – Van Morrison (Julie)
12. “Carwash” – Roles Royce (Stephanie)
13. “Stay” – Lisa Loeb (Tim)
14. “The Tide” – Newsboys (College)
15. “Coming Home” – Caedmon’s Call (College)
16. “You Don’t Own Me” – Rasputina (Washington D.C.)
17. “My Boyfriend’s Back” – The Angels (The Grille)
18. “You Are Here” – Need to Breathe (South Carolina)
19. “Crazy” – Seal (Theme Song)
20. “The Way Things Are” – Fiona Apple (Theme Song #2)

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