Teri Gets a Little More Techish

So big update for the website: Teri has discovered Feedburner. I am still learning some of the ins and outs, but I have one important thing covered, and that is email subscriptions. So if you’re one of those people who checks the site regularly to see if there is an update and, after seeing no new post, close the browser feeling dejected and alone you can subscribe to this instead and get them delivered directly to your inbox. I would find that sort of thing handy, but already know when there is an update on my site and do not need an alert.

If you know of other blog-type features or services I could benefit from, feel free to email them to me at: HelpTeriNotBeABlogNoob©commenteri•com.

In other news, I finally got my domain-based email all figured out. That only took about a year to establish. Here’s how I did it:

Step 1: Mr.W notices a gmail address I was using for the commenteri site and says, “Why don’t you use your domain email @commenteri.com?”
Step 2: I reply, “I CAN DO THAT?!?!”
Step 3: I ask my web guru, Chad, if he can set that up for me.
Step 4: My web guru, Chad, sets that up for me.
Step 5: Bask in my success!

One year and a multi-stepped process later, I can get email at the Commenteri domain. I am quite pleased by this. Feel free to share your own excitement at: AboutDamnTimeTeri©commenteri•com. [I have also learned how to obfuscate email addresses, clearly.]

In non-Teri news, Mr.W’s tech business is growing. He has nine clients all ready, which is terribly exciting. If anyone lives in the Chicago-land area [and he does the burbs and NW Indiana as well] feel free to look him up. He is more competent and cheaper than GeekSquad. I think that would make a good by-line. Mr.W: Cheaper and Smarter than GeekSquad. Check out his website here or email me for more info at: INeedMrWToFixMyStuff©commenteri•com. Tell him Commenteri sent you and get…I don’t know…a hug or something.

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