Teri Does a Happy Dance

Okay, I posted before about being all sad about not being able to see Coldplay next month……WELL, they up and scheduled a second concert the night before the sold out one. WOO! Tickets go on sale this Saturday at 11am, and I shall be online with my credit card information at 10:59–ready to click my little heart out. WOO AGAIN!

Also, Paige and I have tickets to tomorrow’s NeedtoBreathe concert. And yes, I know I just saw them in February, but 1.) tickets were only ten bucks, 2.) they have such fun energy on stage, and 3.) one of the guys is too freakin’ adorable for words.


And then next week we’ve got some lawn seats for a Matisyahu concert! Yay music! Oh, and in case you’re like Matis-whatnow? Here’s a video!


What do you think?