Teri Comes Back

Well, I am 28 now! Holy crap, do I feel differently! I mean it, the differentness the comes upon you on that fateful birthday morn is indescribable. Food tastes better, upholstery smells better, and the sun seems less full of UV-death-rays. Okay, perhaps I am being a little sarcastic.

My week away was really good. I got to spend a little time with a lot of people: Mary, Amber, Amber’s husband, Stephanie, Stephanie’s husband, Julie (and her parents), Jaime (and her parents), and, of course, my family. Other than the wedding I didn’t really take and pictures. So here, have some wedding pictures.



Whenever I go to a wedding I can’t help think about the things I would do differently at my own wedding. This usually serves only as a depressing reminder that I am not having a wedding. I also depress myself on airplanes where, instead of pondering future weddings, I ponder the possibility of the plane plummeting from the sky. I can’t help this line of thought any more than the wedding one. Oh well–what can you do? While flying back to Chicago yesterday I contemplated the phrase “near miss.” I do not understand this phrase. Because people use it when two things come close to hitting each other, but actually do not. This should be called a “near hit.” A head-on collision is a near miss. You almost missed that other car…but you didn’t.

My plans for the weekend are pretty simple: unpack, laundry, and Olympics. Perhaps I will throw in a second date somewhere in there. He’s been hinting.

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