Teri and the Curse of the Sunday Stand-Upper

So last Sunday I had a first date with a guy.  “But Teri,” I’m sure you’re thinking, “I thought you said you weren’t dating this year.”  I chalk it up to momentary delusion and would appreciate if, in the future, you could refrain from pointing out my inconsistencies, thank you very much.
This is a guy who first asked me out back in January.  I said no then, telling him that that I was taking a break from dating.  He didn’t pester me about it, but still kept in touch from time to time.  Last week he asked me out again.  I thought, “Eh, why not?  You’ve always said you wanted a guy with persistence, so how about rewarding it when you see it?”  So even though I still have no strong desire to become involved with someone, I said sure.  We made plans for him to come over on Sunday and just hang out.  He plays video games so maybe a little of that.  Maybe a movie.  Whatever.
Sunday came and Sunday went with no sign of or phone call from said guy, hereby referred to as the Sunday Stand-upper, or SS for short [because how fun is it to say I got a text message from the SS?].  “Well, that’s what I get for going back on a promise to myself,” I thought.  I dismissed him from my thoughts.
Monday morning the SS texts “hi”.  I ignore it.  Monday afternoon the SS texts “hi” again.
Me: So what happened on Sunday?
Him: was very tired.  how bout this weekend
Me: No.  I am also very tired.  Different kind, though.
No response.  “Surely now I can dismiss him!” I thought.
I got another text from the SS Tuesday afternoon: Hey
Me: You confuse me.
No response yet, but something tells me there will be one.  My working theories are three-fold:
1.) He’s crazy.
2.) He’s just that oblivious to social codes & cues.
and my personal favorite,
3.) His endgame is merely to piss me off.  In which case I give him an A for effort, but an F for results as it has only served to amuse the hell out of me.
Is it horrible of me to want contact with this guy to continue in order to blog it?  What’s he gonna do next?!  I want it to be hilarious, and I want to tell you all about it.
In other news, I am buying a Nikon 10megapixel hybrid SLR digital camera.  I am excited about it and all the pictures I tell myself I will take.  It has an 18x optical wide-lense zoom, so I can get some great shots at concerts.
Me: “When I get it, I’m gonna take lots of pictures of you!”
Tim: “What a waste.”
Me: “But they’ll be from really, really far away!”

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