Teri – 3, Social Media – 1. And a half. Ish.

I hate those days when it looks like it might kinda rain in the morning and so you bring your umbrella because better safe than sorry and then not only does it not rain but it becomes a beautiful day and you have to walk home in the sunshine holding an umbrella and feeling like a dumbass.

That was a very long sentence.

I just found out that I can borrow audiobooks from my library’s website.  I am going to listen to so many books at work.  Got one today to start tomorrow.  Most audiobooks run between 6-8 hours, so I can pretty much do one a day.  So excited.

My brother and his dog, Mocha, have been living with us for a few weeks.  Everyone gets along pretty well and the cats have even started coming out from underneath the bed during the day.  Mr. W and I need to be better about scheduling time for just us, however.  That’s my bad–I’ve been doing a lot of gaming with my brother.

In more techish news, I have dropped all social media accounts, except for Facebook (though I still have a G+ account solely for the Hangouts feature).
**Good-bye LinkedIn – I never really used you but felt I was supposed to have you.
**Good-bye Twitter – you were always great at pointlessly wasting time.
**Good-bye Pinterest, I didn’t think you had that big of a point but tried you anyway to discover I was right.

In freelance news, I am starting / re-starting my graphic design business.  So far I have designed the website for the autumn festival in my new town, and a website and business cards for a personal trainer IT client of Mr. W’s.  Next up, designing my own website, logo, and business cards.  Have a lot of ideas, but lack the time.  I did buy the domain, however, so that is something.  As payment for my recent services, Mr. W got me a terabyte hard drive, which I am pretty excited about as I have filled up my current hard drive.  I have Steam games to buy and download, damnit!  I can’t be held down by space limitations like this.  It’s just cruel and unusual.

What do you think?