Temporary Roommates

Since Tim is in Florida this week on vacation, Paige has been pseudo-living with me.  One night we made peanut butter cookies, which were a big hit at work.  I had already purchased tickets to the Simpsons movie, so we went and saw that too.  True, it was like an extra-long episode, but I liked it.

Reid is back in town today from his summer in Europe and will also be staying with me.  It’ll be nice having him around again.  He’s offered to clean and cook for me in return for letting him crash here, and I am looking forward to that.  He doesn’t really have to clean anything, but he’s a good cook–something that is always welcome in my apartment.

This Friday is the new Bourne movie!  Matt Damon is relatively attractive, don’t get me wrong, but there’s just something about him as Jason Bourne that is so very hot.  I’ve included a chart to make sure there is no confusion on this subject.
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One week until I’m gone myself.  At least four different people have told me that I had better come back to Chicago.  The first couple struck me as funny.  Now it’s just peculiar.  Of course I’ll come back.

All of my stuff is here.

4 thoughts on “Temporary Roommates

  1. So funny! I have several actors who I feel that way about…not that they aren't beautiful themselves, but the persona of the character is what is so attractive. Proves the point that it's not always looks that count, but personality, right? (In the movies, it's a persona, and not a personality, but you get the idea…)
    Case in point for me: David Bowie. I am not attracted to him at all, but in the movie Labyrinth, when he plays Jareth…..Wowza!
    Orlando Bloom as Legolas is much more attractive than Orlando Bloom as Will Turner.
    I could go on and on…cuz I like looking at pretty characters. *grin*

  2. Yes, I love the chart … as I love Matt Damon. Oh Matt, why do you have to be happily married with child? Why can’t you be traipsing across the country stopping in places like Washington DC or Chicago to meet cute with women, rock their world, and then leave them after buying them a nice cup of coffee and pastry in the morning? Hmm?

    I submit that Orlando Bloom is ONLY attractive as Legolas.

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