I have been having an off week.  Forgetting people’s last names, calling wrong numbers, and messing up surprise parties.

Last week was my boss’s birthday.  We didn’t celebrate as we usually do because two people were out of the office.  We decided that today, we would gather our little department together for a surprise pizza party and cake.

It fell to me to book the conference room and invite everyone.  I consulted my boss’s schedule in Microsoft Outlook for when she was available, found a meeting room, and invited everyone else.  I unchecked my boss’s name so that the invite would not go out to her, obviously.

The second after I hit send a co-worker asked, “Why did you invite [Boss]?!”

Me: “I didn’t!  I didn’t invite her!”
Co-worker: “Her name is in the list of people it’s sent to.”

Even though her name was not on my sent list, I looked at my co-worker’s email and, sure enough, my boss’s name was right there.  Man, I screwed up that surprise big time.  Nice job, Teri.

I sent my boss an email that basically said I was a moron and could she please ignore the calender invite and not mention it.  She responded with something along the lines of “Not mention what…” so I was like, okay… she’s playing along.  This can still work. Work-ish.

It didn’t work.

We set everything up. Got the pizzas.  Everyone was congregated in the conference room.  But no boss.  In fact, earlier I saw her put on a coat and leave with someone from another department.  I was a little panicked.  Did she forget??  Would she be back soon??  We had even invited the head of marketing–the boss of the boss of my boss.  He. Showed. Up.  Still no boss.  We started eating the pizza.

Finally, as we were wrapping up we were able to get a hold of her.  She popped in because she had another meeting to go to.  Turns out, she never got the invitation, despite her name being in the recipients field.  She was playing along with my email expecting to get a calender meeting or something afterward and, when she did not, forgot about it.

What did I ever do to you, Microsoft Office, that would make you mess with me like this?  That is totally off-sides.

In other news…
We are moving floors next week, on October 7th, to be exact.  Now, I don’t have to tell you how magical October 7th is.  Without fail, that day is awesome.  Every year.  You really should join in with me on the celebrating of this most auspicious day, for the October 7th gods are both benevolent and merciful.  I have no doubt that they will have wonderful surprises in store for the true-hearted.

Hopefully one of which will be in the form of letting me go home early.  I would also settle for a pile of money.  I originally wrote “piles of money”, but there is no need to be greedy.  One pile would be adequate, I should think.

What do you think?