Sunday, that’s my funday

Yesterday Mr. W and I had a Lazy Sunday.  It was perfect.  The weather was cooler, and we were able to open all of the windows.  After lunch we laid in bed and looked out the window and talked until we nodded off and then took short naps.  We stayed in pajamas all day and played Team Fortress 2 and the Lord of the Rings LCG (living card game, as opposed to collectible card game).

I am still learning the ins and outs of Team Fortress 2, but am really enjoying playing as an Engineer.  I also get the most kills that way, because the sentry gun I build has much better aim than I do.  My ultimate kill record, prior to playing the engineer, was 1.  Now it is at least double digits.  That has to count for something.  My number 2 class for kills is Medic (with 2 kills), which is just all kinds of wrong.

Speaking of all kinds of wrong, this morning I put a bug in my eye.  Not on purpose, of course.

I had just woken up and was putting in my contacts.  I got the right one in and immediate, excruciating pain flashed through my eye.  I removed the contact quickly and let me eye water to flush it.  I looked at the contact to see if there was a hair or dirt on it or something (which is usually the case when it makes my eye hurt) and a dead bug was on it.  A small, winged, gnat-like monstrosity.  So gross.  My eye still hurt like hell, much worse than when you get dirt in there.  I flushed it for a good ten minutes with saline and just let it water until the pain started subsiding.

How did this even happen?  How did a bug get on my contact lens?  How did I put it IN MY FREAKING EYE?  Eighteen years of wearing contacts and that is definitely a first.  A disgusting, painful first.

This makes me think of the phrase, “here’s mud in your eye”.  What the hell is that all about?  People say it as they toast, but who in their right mind would toast to that?  I would imagine that mud in your eye is right up there, pain-wise, with having a bug in your eye, and there is no way I would have made a toast this morning.

I Googled the expression and found that it could have come from two possible sources:
1. The speaker is really congratulating himself, for the saying comes from the world of horse racing where the winning horse will kick mud into the eyes of those following.
2. [Biblical Origin] When Jesus spat in the dirt and rubbed the mud into they eye of a blind man, which healed the man’s sight.  So they are toasting the drink’s restorative properties.

Either way, I’m not saying it.  My eye still hurts from the bug.

What do you think?