Stress and Good Music

That would be the theme of the past couple weeks.

I get stressed when things are up in the air.  We don’t definitely have the house yet, only have attained “conditional approval”.  I don’t know how much the homeowner’s insurance payments will be.  Things like this get me stressed and fantasizing about worst case scenarios (spoiler alert: I usually end up homeless with cancer.  Or blood clots.  Oh!  Or a special, new sort of blood clot that is caused by cancer.)

I am very thankful to have a husband who recognizes when I need to explode a little and will hold me and tell me go ahead and cry.  Which I do, in a most unladylike and blubbering fashion.  But it always makes me feel better afterward, and that’s the important thing.

The house has passed its FHA inspection/appraisal thingamajig.  I think at this point the only thing we are waiting on is homeowner’s insurance and finalizing all the underwriting crap.  I can’t believe the process is as involved as it is.  Several people have warned me about the massive amounts of paperwork that I will have to sign at closing…to the point where I am just imagining this towering stack of contracts wherein I will spend eight hours signing my soul away in exchange for this house.  I wasn’t really using my soul anyway, so trading it in for my own home sounds like an acceptable deal.

On the good music side of things, I’ve been listening  to the newest albums by Coldplay (“Mylo Xyloto”), The Cranberries (“Roses”), and The Shins (“Port of Morrow”) a lot.  I would recommend all three.

This song isn’t on any of the aforementioned albums, but it’s another song I’ve been listening to a lot as well and helps combat the stress.  Great song by Keane called “Stop for a Minute.”


Also, I haven’t mentioned this before, but Mr. W and I are seeing Coldplay in concert on my birthday!  Happy birthday to me, indeed.

Lastly, I just had to share this article.  Two teenage girls were struck by a car while sunbathing in the middle of the street.  I am trying to have a little sympathy for them, but if your ass is sunbathing in the middle of the street you are kind of asking for it.

What do you think?