Stalker Update

Firstly, I just want to point out (mostly for the sake of my mother’s mental well-being) that he is not really a stalker.  It’s just the nickname I have given him because “that gross, creepy guy who keeps calling me” is too long to type all the time.  I am fine, Mom.  Please do not mail me a baseball bat.

When I got to work tonight I learned that the General Manager not only sent me the phone company and office number, but had called them himself.  They said they can order a trace on the caller if I file a police report.  So I did.  I had never filed a police report before, and the officer seemed incredibly helpful (I did it over the phone so if there was any eyerolling, Mary and Amber, I wouldn’t know).  I told the GM and gave him the report number, so he is going to call the phone company again.

It is really comforting to know that everyone seems to be taking this pretty seriously.  Or maybe that should scare me.  Honestly, I’m more annoyed than anything.  Just leave me alone, already.  My music selection shall reflect this.

The next time I think I don’t have a life, I will have to look back and remember this guy.

2 thoughts on “Stalker Update

  1. I am very glad you are ok and that your work is taking the appropriate measures to stop it from continuing 🙂 I am glad you filed a police report so he hopefully won;t pester others 🙂 I sadly have lots of dealings with police and such here (mostly removing drunk or homeless people from the lab) 🙂 I am very glad they are doing stuff about it 🙂 *HUGS*

  2. I'm really glad that work is taking this situation seriously, and I'm super glad you filed a police report. Good job.
    Also, this guy totally qualifies as a stalker. Especially if you hear from him again.
    I love you!

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