Stalker Time

So I have the 400-some pictures on my computer that Tim took over our vacation.  I’m going through them tomorrow and will post a mammoth vacation entry.  Promise.

In much more unsettling news, remember that creepy guy who kept calling and trying to talk dirty to me?  Well, he called yet again tonight and started to describe to me what I’m wearing.  He also knows what time I get off work.  I’ve hung up on him twice now and then stopped answering altogether.  He’s called five times in the past twenty minutes.  (At least I’m assuming those unanswered calls were him.)  I told Security, but other than scanning the lobby for guests staring at the front desk and touching themselves, there’s not much that can be done at the moment.  I tried *57 to do a number trace, but it’s not working from the hotel phones.

I’m moving my pepper spray from my shoulder bag to my coat pocket.  Bring it on, Creepy McCreepington.

**Update:  He’s called three more times since I posted this entry.  And his name is Reggie (unless he was lying).
****Update: I am home.  Security walked an extra block with me.

11 thoughts on “Stalker Time

  1. um.. see I told you you should be Steve 🙂 granted I guess if they are watching you then that might not work.. um do you have the code right? I am pretty sure it isn't *57 .. we here at work have agreed on *69 or *67 🙂 .. shouldn;t the security guard be checking for someone stalking the desk at this point as they should be all over beating him down :).

    • I've tried 69 and 67 too. The call doesn't connect from the hotel. I don't know if it's the multi-lines screwing it up or what, but it doesn't work.

      • hmm, weird well I guess security could call the phone company I am sure since the call came to the hotel they would be willing to help track number down. Stupid stalker people.. what is wrong with people these days *hugs*

    • And Security took a look around but didn't find anything. But they'll start walking me out of the hotel to the main street (we exit onto an alley in the back of the hotel).

      • Oh yeah exitting into an alley would just be asking to use your pepper spray. I hope all is ok. Let me know if you can when home safe as I will be praying for your safe return home.
        If only my samurai Lj pic could help you get home.. Kenshin would totally get him with his reverse katana and god like speed 🙂

        • Lol, and thanks
          I should be home between 7:15 and 7:30. I'll post an update on this entry just so that anyone reading it will know I got home okay.

          • Re: Lol, and thanks
            cool I am very glad you got home safely 🙂 I am home as well. *hugs* am very glad my cousin is safe from Mr. Reggie McCreepington. I think you should get hazard pay for dealing with it. I am very glad you are safe though if I haven;t mentioned it twelve times yet 🙂

  2. What-for!!
    :::pounds fists together menacingly:::
    i'm coming to work with you next time you go. I'm gonna teach this f*cker a thing or two about screwing with my roommate!! When I'm done, he won't have the means with which to screw with anyone. Sicko. (And I guess I'm incredibly grammar-conscious when I'm angry… Interesting development.)
    You should talk to Sam or Shakeel or Shlomo or someone else important, and find out what kind of action you're allowed to take — before I come there and take action and make things much worse…

  3. … the hell?
    Yeah, if it keeps happening, talk to Security about calling the cops. Harrassment. And if he knows when you get off, he will soon know where you live.
    Now I'm seriously worried. Post again if something else happens.

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