Squatting: A How Not-To

Typical squats should look like this:

My squats look a little more like this:

[Minus the porch, because why would I be doing squats outside?  That’s just silly.]

In less aerobic news, Mr. W’s job search continues.  He’s going on his own with the IT thing and has five clients already, which is pretty good for a week and a half.  We are hoping that this will pick up and he won’t have to get a job that would interfere with keeping the gaming store open.  The store means a lot to him.

I don’t think I mentioned it, but Bossman still hasn’t officially terminated Mr. W.  The last Mr. W heard on the subject was that he was being suspended for a week.  He knew that it was more than that, of course, and when he talked to a co-worker the other day found out that everyone else knows that he’s been let go.  But still, not a word to Mr. W about it.  So we can add “coward” to the list of not-so-nice things we can say about Bossman.

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