Sometimes I just don’t understand cats

We feed our cats, Milo and Ellie, Purina Kitten Chow.  Always have since we brought them home.  Ellie has this weird thing where, if the food has been sitting in the bowl for more than a couple hours, she will not eat it.  She’ll get all up in your face and act like she’s starving even though there is still food in the bowl.

Usually they both great pretty excited about meal time [once in the morning when I wake up and once in the evening, around dinner time].  They both run over as I scoop a cup of food into the bowl and change out their water.  Ellie always gets to eat first–I don’t know whether Milo is a supergentleman or has just been cowed into sloppy seconds.  Milo will lie on the floor patiently and wait until Ellie is completely done.  Like, even if you picked Ellie up and carried her away [and I have, in the name of science] Milo will not eat.  He will wait until she comes back and then stops eating of her own accord.

A couple of weeks ago, they both started showing less enthusiasm over being fed.  Ellie would sniff the new food and walk away, instead of diving in.  One night she started eating and then puked.  It’s the first time either of them had puked, so I was a little concerned.  We figured that she had gone too long without eating and once she started up again made herself sick.  We then began to wonder if something was wrong with this particular bag of cat food.

The next day I bought a different bag of Purina Kitten Chow to see if this would alleviate the problem.  It did not.  The day after that, I bought both Iams Kitten Chow and Meow Mix to see if perhaps they had decided they no longer liked Purina.  They didn’t seem overly enthusiastic about either.  It had been several days and we couldn’t figure out what they wanted to eat.  The third day, on a crazy whim, I scooped some of the original Purina Kitten Chow into their bowl.

They gobbled it up.  Clearly this has all been some sort of elaborate mind game wherein the cats try to determine how long it takes before I am driven completely insane.

In other news, my friend Tim has started a blog that’s going to work very much like a choose your own adventure.  He’ll start a story and readers get to vote on what should happen next.  I think it sounds like an awesomely fun idea and I might even get to write a guest post over there.  If you’d like to be involved in the creative process, head on over and subscribe to the updates!  If you do, you’ll lose weight and be invited to parties more!*

*Not scientifically proven.

One thought on “Sometimes I just don’t understand cats

  1. Ashland has been finicky with food lately as well. I switched to an "all-natural" kind of cat food. And then this week Brad bought the old kind she's been eating for years, and it's making her sick… Sigh, cats.

    Thanks for the shout out to my project!

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